Investment property care package – 6 months

hand drawn arrowWant Your Hard Earned Money to Work For You?

Property investing is just one attractive avenue to; build your financial future, gain tax benefits and to secure a more relaxing lifestyle today.

Here’s the problem though – As nice as it all sounds, it can get really feel like an uphill battle when you have to:

  • Pay for Endless Amounts of bills, a mortgage, school fees, and groceries.
  • Make Sense of Property Investing which is flooded with misinformation and costly hidden kickbacks.
  • Find the Time above all your other commitments in life; work, business, family, and friends.

It Can All Feel Like a Bit Too Much!

So much that most people never explore property investing any further, either tells themselves . . .

“I Can’t Afford It!”or“It’s Just Too Complicated for Me”

Amanda Garrett has a different take on that. As a qualified Property Investment Advisor, Amanda has been teaching honest and proven strategies to help average Australian families secure property investments for as little as AU$50 per week.

Most people don’t take advantage of property investment
because they have yet to discover how simple and affordable
it can really be . . .

. . . says Amanda Garret, a qualified Property Investment Advisor with several investment properties of her own, which amounts to a multimillion dollar portfolio.

But more importantly – she has more inspiring retirement choices to spend on things like; family, friends, health, leisure and travel.

So today – you have the opportunity to get started with Amanda’s Investment Property Care Package, which is a fully comprehensive service that includes effective:

  • Comprehensive research
  • Stakeholder management
  • Onsite and offsite construction process management
  • Property manager liaison
  • Depreciation for tax schedules

And many other activities that involve; an eye for detail, solid experience in the property investing market, a proven system to follow . . .

Hands-Off, Done For You
& With Your Best Interests in Mind

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I personally had to discover these gems the
hard way unfortunately, because there is
just so much misinformation out there

. . . says Amanda, who is sick and tired of all the misleading kick-backs in the property market.

Today, you can capitalise on Amanda’s wisdom, insight and experience that she has used to help many happy clients secure investment properties; safely, affordably and reliably.

Yes – finally, someone who actually cares!

Who It Is For?

  • Individuals and Families planning their retirement but want a more hands-off approach to implementing it.
  • Families & Busy Professionals wanting a low risk, reliable and established investment property portfolio that just ticks over and will meet their financial needs.
  • Individuals with Limited Funds and can only afford to invest about AU$50/week, and have equity in a home, and want to build on that existing base.

Key Benefits

  • Secure & Affordable
  • Property Investments for as little as fifty dollars a week.
  • Maximise portfolio gains.
  • Maximise your tax returns.Hands-off & Peace of Mind that you have an expert on your side, managing all the details and complexities.
  • Reduced Risks & Avoid costly watch-its.

The Property Investing Care Package is limited to 5 persons at any one time.

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hand drawn arrowTestimonials . . .

“Planning for retirement! Amanda makes it easy with her expertise and knowledge in investment property. Amanda made our property investment plans come to life, one step closer to financial security in retirement. It took such a weight off our minds, when we were both already busy. Now we just have to do it again, and again. We know the need for a property portfolio and Amanda helped explain it all in easy to understand terms. Her caring nature and attention to details helped us all the way through. We are looking forward to doing it again with Amanda”

Ping Tan and Richard Chieng

“Amanda helped us choose the area, the type of property and work out all the figures. We avoided making some really expensive mistakes with her input and that of the professional team she has around her. The first project ran on track and I’m very impressed! The property looks fantastic and we were thrilled with Amanda’s ability to manage the process for us. We even decided to work with Amanda to purchase our 2nd investment property. It costs us nothing to hold it with the current interest rates after tax rebates and depreciation! If just one property doubles in 12 years, (6% growth) we will add $250,000 to our retirement funds. Amanda just makes it easy.”

– Lou & Corallee

“I wish I had discovered Amanda earlier. Years back, I bought property from a Broker not knowing what I was getting myself into. Had I known it would have saved me lots of pain. Today, with Amanda’s helpful input, I have a clear plan to buy more property and build my portfolio from a more informed stance.’

– Deb Mumford

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What’s included in the Package?

To create a portfolio of investment properties, you obviously need more than one property. However, it is best to start with one, and build on that. So the Investment Property Care Package includes just one property to kick start your journey. After that, you can build on your portfolio by adding others. That way – you minimise your risks, and maximise your gains in the long-run.

If you choose to engage Amanda for this package, you will get the following:

  • Comprehensive analysis of cash flow and forecasted returns
  • Detailed market analysis of property trends, demographics and vacancy rates
  • Develop your property investment strategy which includes key risk mitigation items that need to be addressed.
  • Liaison with key stakeholders including; mortgage brokers, solicitors and contractors
  • Live on site visits and monitoring during construction process
  • Managing progress during construction to avoid delays
  • Organise Handover & Management schedule between construction manager and property manager.
  • Liaison with property manager post completion of construction
  • Organisation of depreciation schedule for tax savings purposes

This is approximately a 6 month program as that is about how long it takes for the investment property to be built.


Upon completion of your first investment property, you will also get an Apple iBook with photos of the entire construction process for fond memories of a decision that made a positive difference in your life.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Investment Property Care Package is 1-3% of purchase price, depending on your situation and purchase .

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