Investment Property Consultation – 120 minutes

hand drawn arrow“Where Do I Start?”

That’s a common question people ask themselves when they are looking to invest in property to:

  • Secure their retirement lifestyle
  • Capitalise on tax benefits, and
  • Earn more money in the long-run

But here’s the thing – whilst investing in property is an attractive avenue to explore, it’s not for everybody.

For many, investing in property can really feel like an uphill battle when they have to:

  • Pay for Endless Amounts of bills, a mortgage, school fees, and groceries.
  • Make Sense of Property Investing which is flooded with misinformation and costly hidden kickbacks.
  • Find the Time above all your other commitments in life; work, business, family, and friends.

Amanda Garrett has a different take on that. As a qualified Property Investment Advisor, Amanda has been teaching honest and proven strategies to help average Australian families secure property investments for as little as AU$50 per week.

Avoid the Hidden & Costly Kickbacks!

With several investment properties of her own, which amount to a multimillion dollar portfolio, Amanda has more inspiring retirement choices to spend on things like; family, friends, health, leisure and travel.

So today – you have the opportunity to consult with Amanda for 120 minutes, to see how you might go about securing your financial future with investment property.

  • Assessment of your financial and lifestyle goals.
  • Evaluation of investment property as a feasible option.
  • Develop a Strategy for how it might work.

Limited to 10 persons at any one time.

More often than not, with the right knowledge, networks, tools and support, most people can afford to go ahead with investment property. So capitalise on Amanda’s wisdom, insight and experience that she has used to help many happy clients secure investment properties; safely, affordably and reliably.

Point Is – Make An Informed Decision

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hand drawn arrowWhat Amanda’s Clients Are Saying . . .

“Planning for retirement! Amanda makes it easy with her expertise and knowledge in investment property. Amanda made our property investment plans come to life, one step closer to financial security in retirement. It took such a weight off our minds, when we were both already busy. Now we just have to do it again, and again. We know the need for a property portfolio and Amanda helped explain it all in easy to understand terms. Her caring nature and attention to details helped us all the way through. We are looking forward to doing it again with Amanda”

Ping Tan and Richard Chieng

“Amanda helped us choose the area, the type of property and work out all the figures. We avoided making some really expensive mistakes with her input and that of the professional team she has around her. The first project ran on track and I’m very impressed! The property looks fantastic and we were thrilled with Amanda’s ability to manage the process for us. We even decided to work with Amanda to purchase our 2nd investment property. It costs us nothing to hold it with the current interest rates after tax rebates and depreciation! If just one property doubles in 12 years, (6% growth) we will add $250,000 to our retirement funds. Amanda just makes it easy.”

– Lou & Corallee

“I wish I had discovered Amanda earlier. Years back, I bought property from a Broker not knowing what I was getting myself into. Had I known it would have saved me lots of pain. Today, with Amanda’s helpful input, I have a clear plan to buy more property and build my portfolio from a more informed stance.’

– Deb Mumford

hand drawn arrowHow Much Does it Cost?

The Investment Property Consultation is AU$500+GST.

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The great news is – if you don’t see value in the consultation, just let Amanda know and she will refund 100% of your money back!

100% money back guarantee