Sharon & Steve Arnol

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My husband and I are like a lot of other couples, 2 kids with a mortgage over our heads and by weeks end there’s very little disposable income left over.

We’d often discussed the possibilities of buying an investment property but didn’t know where to start and the big stopper was around us coming up against pushy and slick sales people. So we went ‘nowhere’.

Having met Amanda through our children’s connection at school, our relationship unfolded from there. Yes she was a nurse, but her interest in property investing opened up a whole new direction for us. Knowing whom we were dealing with, having the confidence of the ‘right’ person stepping us though the investing cycle was vital for us.

We learned so much from Amanda and her patience and understanding always shone through. My need for clarity on various points was something that Amanda always picked up on and her valuable experiences came into being when we had a ‘hickup’ with our broker.

Sharon & Steve Arnol Household Bayswater November 12, 2015

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